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NZ Venues helps event planners choose the perfect venue.


We took the time to deeply understand the way event planners like to work, and have created NZ Venues from the ground up to be an unbeatable experience for the industry professional.




Auckland Weddings is the city’s premier wedding directory.


Since 2013, Auckland Weddings has offered a curated selection of wedding vendors, styled shoots and real weddings. With a social media following exceeding 36,000 people and over 10,000 unique visitors per month, Auckland Weddings has become an essential marketing tool for discerning brands.




Wellington Weddings showcases the city’s finest wedding vendors.


A sister site to Auckland Weddings, Wellington Weddings connects the city’s best wedding vendors with engaged couples in New Zealand’s capital.




Smoke provides high-end photography and video for corporate events.


Comprised of some of New Zealand’s most in-demand photographers, Smoke is committed to showcasing events in their very best light.




Findaband offers New Zealand’s most electrifying live bands.


Founded in 2008, Findaband has built an enviable reputation as New Zealand’s leading live entertainment agency.